Isham Randolph of Dungeness

Isham Randolph of Dungeness

Isham Randolph (December 1684[1] – November 1742),[2] sometimes referred to as Isham Randolph of Dungeness,[3] was the maternal grandfather of United States President Thomas Jefferson. Randolph was a planter, a merchant, a public official, and a shipmaster.[4]
The third son of William Randolph and Mary Isham,[5] he was born on the Turkey Island plantation in Henrico County, Virginia.[6] In 1717, Randolph married Jane Lilburne Susan Rogers in London[2] at St. Paul’s Church in the Shadwell parish (today east London). Isham and Jane Randolph moved to Virginia.


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Isham Randolph had nine children[nb 1] and was familially connected to many other prominent individuals:

Jane Randolph (born ~1720)[2] married Peter Jefferson and had nine children, including Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States.[7]
Mary Randolph (born ~1723)[2] married Colonel Charles Lewis of Buck Island and had eight children, including Charles Lilburn Lewis, one of the founders of Milton, Virginia.[3][8]
Isham Randolph (born ~1725)[2]
William Randolph (born ~1727)[2]
Thomas Randolph (born ~1728)[2] married Jane Cary, the daughter of Archibald Cary, in 1768.[2]
Elizabeth Randolph (born ~1730)[2]
Dorothea Randolph (born ~1732)[2]
Ann Randolph (born ~1735)[2] had four children in three marriages.[7] She was the mother of James Pleasants, Jr., the 22nd Governor of Virginia, via her last marriage to James Pleasants, Sr.[7]
Susannah Randolph (born September 25, 1738)[2] married Carter Henry Harrison I (the brother of Benjamin Harrison V, the son of Benjamin Harrison IV, and the grandson of Benjamin Harrison III and Robert “King” Carter) and had six children.[7][9] She was the great-grandmother of Carter Henry Harrison III, a five-time mayor of Chicago.[7][9]


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